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Impeccable(Winterfin Clams) Low drop.


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Hello to all players of Icecold wow here is another suggestion to all players and staff i think you will agree with this.

I've noticed that the only place where players spend alot of time for farming.I think drop rate of this dungeon must be high i must kill about 9-11 mobs just for 1 of these drops so i think all will be happy if this will be normal like other farm areas.



Pallyz =)

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Well the reason it's so low is because is one of the best farmable peices of gear. Well accually it is. That and honor gear. Because it is so good and valuable it has a low droprate and high item requirement. It isn't suppose to be easy, quick, or fun. It's suppose to give a challenging last teir of gear. So if you don't like that then kill people in the arena for honor gear. Either way that last teir is not easy. Nor is it suppose to be. Don't expect change.

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Basically what he said, on average you can get a piece a day if you are dedicated enough, that in itself is not hard, a week or two of farming with dedication and you could have a full set.

While the other pieces are 3+ a day with no real challenge to them at all.

Aren't meant to just hand out gear, specially like the above poster said, the last farming tier of a set which is on par with the 4300 honor pieces "which take a lot longer" or the voter gear which is longer also.

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