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Back Again! IceCold-WoW Awards!


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Alright I have decided to make another award thread.. let's start it out..

Stupidest Cunt Award:

Firedog206 (Holydawn) and Roxy!!!! Congrats you two cunts!

Most annoying kid:

Aidan(Chipmunk) and Roxy!!! Congrats kids!

The Server Idiot!!!

Award goes to Holydawn on her reports because she doesn't know how to spell!

Your award is


Go study it.

Sexiest Person in IceCold-WoW award goes to..


The Wannabe GM but will never be goes to:


The Following have received awards for being liked by Era:

Puppy, Chrono, Ryan, Derrick, Tirionl, Mikez, Matthew, DeathParagon, Bill, and some other people, (Sorry if I didn't mention you)

The rest of you, I hate you.

I will be giving more awards later.. :)

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