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Battlegrounds issue


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Ed here. Here's a interesting topic about the battlegrounds that, I'm sure, most people will support. Since a very few people actually join battlegrounds, it makes it a nightmare to get honor gear by killing players in arena ONLY, and getting 1 honor per kill. That actually means that a single player, willing to get full PvP set, needs around 33,000 kills. Plus, you have to consider that many people are vip members and are very hard to kill, especially if you're new.

What I'm trying to say, it is really long and painful journey to full set, so here's my suggestion:

- Either lower the honor cost of the PvP items by 50%

- Allow 2v2 or 3v3 Warsong Gulch bg's (not 5 players on each side in order to start)

- Same thing with Battle of Gilneas and Twin Peaks (since others require much more players)

- No GM's in battlegrounds unless absolutely necesary

People would be much more interested in PvP, they would get more honor and be geared better in shorter time, other than getting camped in arena by Vip's while trying to earn a honor or two. I hope players will back me up on this, as well as the staff.

Thank you for reading this topic and I would like to thank you in advance, no matter does this idea get approved or doesn't.

Your loyal member,


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I agree with this it is really hard for new players to get honor. Dealing with strong VIPs such as VIP 6 or VIP 7s throughout the arena. Also people who are campers, snipers this would be a very good idea and it could improve the amount of players online so they have motivation to actually farm gear instead of getting bored and just quit. It would be great also for people to get gear so they could fight back against VIPS. I support your idea and I hope the staff will support it also.

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