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Character Shop Update


Character Shop  

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Character Shop Update

The server has come out with a character shop were you can buy and sell your characters to other members!

- How it Works -

You select the character you want to sell and then you put a price, it then goes through the process of approving to make sure the account is not banned or anything doesn't seem right on it, you then get it approved and hope someone buys it, once the character has been bought then the owner of the account will lose the character off of his/her account and then the money spent to buy it will be converted into store credit for the seller. The seller then has that amount of money to buy anything from the store including custom weapons.

- How to get to it -

Make you sure you are logged into the account you want to sell, once you are you want to click "Game Profile" and then click on "My Characters" after that it will bring you to your characters, click on the character you want to sell. EX: fc782e73405146c48db5fca.png you want to click on the character name "Era"

After you do that it will bring you to this screen..


Note: Do Not put a "$" because it won't work, this is how it should look.


Click the "Sell" Button if you are sure you want to sell your account.


You can always cancel your sale before anyone buys it. If someone does buy it, it will be gone forever and you can't get it back.

Once sold the character will be removed from your account and will be gone, you will receive your store credit!

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