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DDoS Protection Suggestion


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I have noticed your servers are attracting a lot of script kiddies, that like to DDoS your world server. A simple fix for this is to use cloudflare. Its been an awesome tool for servers undergoing intense DDoS attacks. This service is free and very easy to setup & manage.

Just a thought =D

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Please see the recent posts by staff. Advanced DDoS protection is already in place on the game servers. That is why they are actually staying online as opposed to their state a week ago.

Also, CloudFlare is only for websites, not game systems.

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Is it only websites? I thought it routed all connections. I never used it but hear great things about it. I mean if its under 2gbps you can mitigate it anything over that, then you have service interruption probably in the whole cabinet so its useless if someone has like 30k bots =(

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