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I'm Disappointed To This Server (Whining More)


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One day I was swimming in the outdoors. After a while I got to play WoW. log in character, it was the Gurubashi arena. After the download screen, I noticed that many players attacked me and I ran away because they had a full-VIPs. I made a ticket but no one helped for 30 minutes even if the 2GM and one admin was online .. I'm pretty upset about this because a player was killed by "Non-VIPS 'or

them with a few slices of VIP 1 And does not care if said stop or something else. Many players went away. Me (Sunshine) (Worst) And many many more ...

Btw Cortex You Can have the money from few people WHO Want to donate you do! Gratz JEII MONEY! But What Happens When PeopleSoft (Can not donate) Or do not want becouse many are in private becouse normal pays 13 Euros in the month. Your donates costs more o.o??

SO WHO These people can not / Wan't donate they WILL LEAVE. A lot people did like this server but now its just Those (Leaders = Own Vip 2 +) Fight Against Each Other and Their Minions = Can not Donate People Will Fight in Their Partys ...

I still keep logging in to talk with friends and try to contact Specially rocx Becouse them is awesome in everything they've done everything for this server + Pluto:)

Pics of killers



I Could load these from every vip almost (Tatosoup) And many many other :)

New GM's dont fail with the "Title <GM> It often makes you miss the Thurs and use the tickets. Additem And. Gobject add .... So do your jobs:)

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We are actuely trying to do somthing about the donators, the players and otherwise. To be honest it's not our thought you logged into gurubashi arena and got killed, That's why when I was a player I advoided it. This is an annoying thing but we can't do much about it and I must agree in my own opinion. Donator gear is too overpowered. I know it's pricy but the gear the players get compared to them in super OP. We do have plans to change this though.

For the record, I have never added myself an item using the command. I only wear the items used when I was a player. That is my normal gear, My sailor suit and my tuxedo with all normal weapons. I have only added gameobjects for ONE event and about three benches in the mall and to fix a quest.

I do know that the tickets build up from lack of anwsering, I've only ever logged on to see tickets. I haven't see Up anwser much though, and hes mostly online when I am. We have orders to stop people talking to the administrators unless it's super important too. I've only ever seen you once as a player I guess it depends what gamemaster's are active around your timezone. I'm on for most of the day and anwser most of the ticket's Up doesn't. I just see him make alot of characters, build alot and a massive warehouse full of item adding but he is a nice guy and tries is hardest. :)

We should have some ingame developer's trying to do this things though. Most of the developer team fix bugs what is good but they need to work on more funness, All players do is raid, farm and get killed in PvP by donator's. It get's booring and we do need to do somthing about this. Plus for event's there isn't a wide range of rewards to give so people loose boredem.

Don't forget though alot of SQL is super hard to do on cataclysm and we do try are best.


Note: Please don't double post I just coppied and pasted this from the other duplicate topic.

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Well Aaron Kirk :)

I Read your whole thing and you are gamemaster okay ?

So what you do in-game ?

-Ansver tickets

-Ansver tickets

-Ansver Tickets

-Help People

-Help People

Keep Event

When your playing ?? Like trying to do the PVP as the server is now PVP becouse customs ...

How it feels when u wanna go to arena and some nuubs without skills comes and one shots you with their uberb custom vips ??

And Arena pass (All Items free in real WOW REAL WOW Like 10000 player online all time and more like 100k people ) Arena pass is under 15 Euro and you get the best gear best mounts everything...

I'll Go there ;)

Roc I love you :)

Cortex you just want money don't u ?


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I know how you feel though, I do enjoy PvP but even when I was a player I wouldn't do it and I won't even host PvP event's I'm so scared that a rage war would start out.

I don't always just anwser tickets too. I sit in the mall talking and interacting with everyone and I even go explore. I come up with ideas alot aswell I do suggest but this will be eventurlly sorted out. If you think off it, Us gamemaster's are taking up time just to deal with your problems too, that's a free service. We don't get payed at all and follow verry strict rules. Heck I'm not even allowed to have friends on my GM account. The admins run a server for you for FREE and we don't ask for donations.

We need to take action ALOT faster, I would rather take action instead of just sitting there all day anwsering tickets but I'm not allowed. I would like to do alot of ingame building and developing but I can't. We do things verry slowly what is a bad thing we should have people hired to anwser the ideas think about them and do them while leaving the GM's to do tickets in the mean time. We need to admins on to do alot of things plus the developers are more bug fixers than anything.

Just remeber, We are here for you. I'm not taking sides and if this annoys any of the staff I'm just doing my opinions and do what you must but I have a free will.

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You Posted same reply 2 times O.o

And Still you don't understand... huh

It Isn't the same and I understand, You instaly get owned by donator's. Simple also you are like you can pay 15 euro's to go PvP with over 1000k People.

I'm just saying you have to be greatful for what you have.

1. Game master's use there time to anwser YOUR problems.

2. Developer's use there well trained skills to fix the problems and increase YOUR enjoyment

3. The administraters keep the server running for YOU.

We are not forcing people to donate too and the admins don't recive any profit.

The thing is, We do this ALL for YOU.

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Guest darrylmartin

i'm but this is so not balanced ... Maybe first add everything to a patch then add the new patch so this won't happen ... We can have vip 1 okay ?? but it his almost same than without the vip 1 like T11 HC :) Lol

T11 Hero and VIP1 are way different. VIP1 gives warriors about 700 more Attack Power per piece.

The VIP1 weps are Double the Damage of any wep you could get..

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When you were last time in icecold wow "FAIL" Mate you don't know nothing VIP 1 is earnable from Lost isles HEHE :P but it sucks anyways you cant beat anyone who haves vip 2 or better like 5.5 one shots anyone .... 5.5 Vip does 600k dmg as mage -.-....

Donators gears are for those who can't play


People will donate if they like to play there they dont need to always GET SOMETHING

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