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The Gold Project

Idea by: Era

General Idea: Have players spend money on gold in game if they can't make enough doing so.

Will it make the server any money: of course it would, players buy the gold.

Will it cost any money to have: No, it will make money.


Players can spend money on gold for items in game, instead of having to constantly farm for stuff they can purchase it with gold. Gold can be either bought or farmed, farming the gold will be up as a challenge to get it's not as easy to donate for the gold, players can do daily quest to get gold to spend on items in a vendor, they can Vote, Donate, Farm the gold the have a choice on the Voting, vote points or gold to spend in game. On Farming the gold, players can do either daily Quest or Kill monsters that are beefed up for about 500 gold per drop, Items like Ravaged, Arena Boss Gear, or any gear that is non-vip can be bought, instead of always having the complaint of it taking to long or people sitting and waiting to steal the arena boss from someone can stop the constant fighting and the tickets about it. They can Sell/Trade the item, trading the item will be more then the price actually is, so people can't name a price 10x higher then the original or players can just sell it for less if they choose to do so.

Players can also sell back to the vendor for either half the price they bought it for. There will be a time limit on getting a full refunded price for the gold spent on the item. Example: A player buys the wrong piece of Gear/Item and wants to get his/her money back, they are within a 2 minute time limit before the item is half priced to get refunded. The upgrade system can still stay on the gear if you choose to do so, but the materials are still needed. For Ravaged gear the person can use gold to buy it instead of having to run a hard instance and having to constantly ask for a piece of gear that nobody has and always looking for a group.

Donating Prices (Can be Changed)

$5 (15k Gold)

$10 (VIP 1, 30k Gold)

$25 (VIP 2, 50k Gold)

$55 (VIP 3, 100k Gold)

$90 (VIP 4, 150k Gold)

$150 (VIP 5, 250k Gold)

$220 (VIP 6, 350k Gold)

$300 (VIP 7, 450k Gold)

These are just examples of the prices for gold, NOTE: The VIP included in that message was just an example on how it could be worth (In Gold) not you would get this for purchasing gold.



Puffin (Quest Suggestion)

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Eh, to be honest the only time I farm gold is when I want DW offsets for items.

If you are buying VIP and get gold with it, sort of makes the gold void to that specific character.

and if mobs are dropping 500g each why spend $5 on it when you can just kill 30 mobs and save $5

Other then that, good idea I supose.

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