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Dead and can't Rez? Well, here's a loophole guide!(story)


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post-3781-0-85077000-1308543939_thumb.jpA loophole discovered by me, and Trew.

(alot of typos, i don't feel like fixing, if you're going to bitch about them, fight me.)post-3781-0-85077000-1308543939_thumb.jp

So, i was chill out, maxin, relaxin all cool and shootin some b ball outside of the school.

When a couple of guys who we're up to no good, starting spawn camping my character, i got a little bit mad, and then i got scared.

So i flew to undercity to get some fresh air.

So, i was in undercity then. And i decided

"HEY. I THINK I'LL GO EXPLORE faeces" like the idiot, i am.

so i flew around western plague lands when an invisible barrier Collided with my face..

i fell 40 feet to the ground, and passed out,

about 3 and a half hours later, i awoke. Dazed and confused.


so i flew allllll the way to trisifal glades and went to the beach. and had a couple of beers before i started my trek.

so i took i beach, to the water, and the water path, all the way to behind western plaguelands, where my face smacked the barrier again.

I fell, plunged into the water. and started swimming for the coast, when all of a sudden, i felt a sharp pain surge through my left leg.

i cried out in pain, And whipped around. only to see a big, 4000ft long Grinning shark, So i used heroic strike on him. and he died.

Anyways, i swam to the coast. climbed up, sat down. pulled out my cellphone, and called my grandmother to see how she is back home.

i told her about all the people i've killed, and she ranted about the new ingredients she uses to make her apple pie, eventually she got annoying.

so i ate my cell phone.

then, focused my attention on the barrier. I sat down, and meditated. for about 48 hours. and realized exactly how i could get passed.


so i did, mounted up, and flew to the wonders that lie for my eyes to feast on.

so, my character has about 133k hp, and i dismounted on accident and lost

120k hp, After ofcourse laying in pain for a few weeks. on the cold hard ground,

i had to eat my shoes, and drink only the liquids that dribbled out of my own body.

eventually i recovered... but i was weak.

so i decided "EXPLORING TIME" so i found a cool spot right next to where i was.

and dismounted 10 feet in the air, thinking i would be okay.

i was wrong. i fell. and i died.

I awoke as a ghost. and i figured

"there's no ****ing way i'm getting to my body..., not with those barriers and mountains standing in my way."

So i retrieved my laptop, and logged on to an alternate account, made a healer. (ungeared)

bought a mount, and the rez spell. and teleported to undercity.

Teleporting was insane, my new character has never done it before with he teleporter and he mentally couldn't handle it.

He got lost in a world between reality and spirituality. After for what felt like 50 years, i can back to reality. only to find out,

that the weird thing of reality and spirituality thing i went through, was just a loading screen.

Anyways, back in undercity. and started to go for my warrior's body. (figuring i could find a loophole through the barrier)

i was wrong, i found no barrier. I cried. and sat. when on vent, i heard a sexy deep voice from a big strong man named Trew.

I told trew my issues, and he discovered a plan.

He decided to go on his deathknight (Truth) and deahtgrip my healer, at a certain part of the barrier, and we did, it just took us about an hour to find the spot.

So, when i was there. i mounted up. and looked for my warrior's body. only to discovered that it had dissapeared. i cried. then logged out of my healer and went back on my pc to tatosoup.

So, sitting there. as a ghost. thinking... I thought "HEY! THE GIANT WHIRLPOOL IN STV! WHEN YOU FALL IN THAT, IT TAKES YOU TO YOUR HEARTH, SWEEET :)"

so, i started my trek to stv, through western plaguelands. i noticed trew sitting in trisifal glades. so i asked him to find out for me, if you can take the zeppelin

while in ghost form. so. he tried it for me. And it worked ;).

i arrived at the tower. and waited for my turn to take the zeppelin, while talking to trew on vent.

i hear trew Curiously say " i wonder what's gonna happen if i hit 'teleport to graveyard'."

So he tried it, then he ended up in Ashemvale.

he cried for a few minutes. then decided to start his way back to orgrimmar, so he could take the zeppelin back to trisifal and retreive his body.

Meanwhile, me waiting, for my ride to orgrimmar, it finally arrives. i hop aboard. and set sail for orgrimmar... erm, air sail.

I get to the tower. And wait for my second ride to grom gol base camp, in which i could go to, and make my journey to the whirlpool.

I sat at the tower, And my ride arrived. i noticed trew entering orgrimmar on my map, i warned him about having little time left to catch his ride, because

the zeppelin to trisifal arrived shortly after the one to from gol.

He hurried as fast as he could, then got to the bottom of the zeppelin tower. in which the zeppelins started moving.

Trew never made it. he was just a hair too late.

He cried for a few minutes. but got over it.

meanwhile i arrive at grom gol. i started swimming my ass all the way to the whirl pool.

i make it. i sit, meditate and admire it's beauty.

Then i hear trew's voice "You've got to be kidding me.."

I asked what happened, and he informed me that he took the wrong zeppelin, he took the zeppelin to northrend.

He sat and cried, and said "you know what, im sick of this. i'm gonna hit 'return to graveyard' again, maybe it will work.

So he did, and he ended up in Stormwind city (while his body still remained in trisifal) He cried yet again and began his trek to join me

at the whirlpool of wonders.

I however, didn't have the patience to wait.

So i jumped in.

and after about 5 minutes nothing happened. besides me falling into the whirlpool extremely far.

I decided to use character stuck. still nothing. i cried, defeated. my plan was a failure.

So i sat there, and and got bored. so i hit the "Return to graveyard" button.

and amazing, I ENDED ALIVE, AT MY HOME.


Trew jumped into the whilpool shortly after, and we celebrated our adventure by snorting cocaine off of stripper's Asscheeks.

-A Trew Story, By Tatosoup.

NOTE: All of the events in the story above, are completely True, some of the details are exaggerated. but all this faeces still happened.

and the whirlpool is perfect for when you're dead and cannot rez.

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man, i spent hours finding it out. it's more about the adventure than the find. But still, that was rude. :s Douchebag

What was rude?

I ment, It wasn't a good find because you died. Other than that it was a good find and that. I wasn't being rude. :)

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