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Chromatic dungeon


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Just a suggestion, but if you could put the monsters spawn points closer together so that people do not have to rely on a mount to farm Magic Tokens faster. Also, if you could make the Magic Token drop chance a little bit better, several players will benefit from this and be happy with such actions.

Thank you for your time,

Everance (Moonbeam)

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While I can agree they could be moved a little closer for a non paladin class the drop rate I do not believe needs to be changed, you hit this point "after ravaged" that just killing a mob and getting it every kill just makes it THAT much boring and easier.

While ravaged isnt a 100% drop rate, its pretty close as to 2/3 mobs will drop one, thus making the gear even easier or you could buy it.

the last 3 gear sets, are really meant to be hard, well you could say 2 because who really farms impeccable.

Considering they alone are really where people cap out on gearing a character the drop rate should be low, because you can buy ravaged gear, so whats the point in buying full ravaged than blitzing the next upgrade to only stop because its to hard.

That is not including vote or honor gear, because they are not really farmed from a means unless you are breaking rules.

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