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Teleportation Feautures


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I am the type of WoW player that when bored, will go do achievements or go to opposite faction cities and sit around to think of what to do next. I had recently ran into the trouble of finding a way to get to the Exodar. I have found ways to get to Silvermoon but maybe you could make it easier to travel by adding these two things in the teleporter?

Also, what about adding dungeons and raids that are not there, or more landing points throughout WoW to travel faster to places?

Just a simple suggestion, nothing more.

- Oniixa

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While I cannot really get my head around why you would want to do achievements as other players cannot see them.

I'm sure its not a big ask to get a portal I supose, I'm going to assume the boats are not an option?.

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I have tried to wait for a boat to the Exodar while in Darkshore... but after some mintues it had never showed up. I just do achievements for the fun of it I guess and to me it's kinda a better waii to pass time sometimes... plus, being new, i didnt kno that others could not see them... never checked.

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