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http://www.icecold-w...l__+error +#132

http://www.icecold-w...l__+error +#132

http://www.icecold-w...l__+error +#132

Try and use the search function before you go making one of many threads about the same thing, remember to add the #132 to pick these threads up.

but I would try the unstuck button "unstick in this case" and try login, if that does not work or you do not have a character yet to begin with I would look at these many threads and take ideas from them.

If all else fails I would suggest re-downloading the game through ----> http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/7005814/World_of_Warcraft__Cataclysm Which can also be found on the front page.

To unstick your character you need to go.

My characters > Then pick one of the characters you wish to login to and "unstick" them.

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