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It's been a hell of a ride.


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I have to finally say goodbye to Ice-Cold, Due to this rollback.. I've lost too much, Ill lose an 85 char, a 78 and a 72 on dreamer, Fully geared and some full ravaged chars on Reaper, Before I wouldnt care but Dreamer is a 10x which is somewhat hard, and getting all that ravaged took alot of time... But I can't do it again. Theres just so much to regain but school starting tomorrow I wont have time to get it anymore. I hope that Ice Cold becomes a great thriving successful server and I wish it the best. Its been one hell of a ride and I want to make a Couple Shoutouts, To Gold: You were alright, you may have been banned and cant see this, but you were a good friend // Peepshow: Dude we had some fun and I wish we could do it again, I had fun on RPH and stuff, Ill see you soon. To Jamie: Jams you were one of my closest WoW friends, I'll see you again im sure one day. ImaWeener: Troll e.e /// To Katanas and Vengance : I didn't know you guys on reaper for long *Venns* But It was fun and Im glad I did. Ill see you some other time im sure. And my final shout out goes to Mike... The Best Damn GM here. He ran Dreamer like a baws and I thank you for that. You were all great here and I hope to see you all again one day.. Love ya Ice Cold,... Goodbye :)

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