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[UPDATED] Reaper Downtime Information


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As you all know, Reaper has been down for an extended period now. This is due to a server restoration gone bad. The backup taken before the process became heavily corrupted and it was not noticed at the beginning.

We are attempting a last few methods to recover the database, but we must tell you in advance that if not successful, the last resort is a backup from July 8th 2012. That's right, all characters, guilds, inventories, etc. will be rolled back to July 8th.

We are extremely sorry about this incident. VIPs that have bought stuff since July 8th and have lost it need to contact us via admin ticket


After further discussion with the hosting company, we have concluded that the backup is completely destroyed. So now our only option is the July 8th rollback. This operation will begin shortly and the realm will be online soon.

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