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*IceColdWow Picture*


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Guest darrylmartin

Hmm, I think its funny that Every minus 2 people are in my guild Paragon of Truth. Sunshine and the person to the very Left, Night Elf mage aren't in Paragon of Truth. Thanks for taking a guild pic though.

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Guest darrylmartin

Trololololololololol :P

I Have taken soooo many pics so i don't really care if ur trying to whine something those guys went to line when i said -.- lulz

LMAO Both you and Mailman are wrong..... I told my guildies Paragon of Truth to line up. There were 2-3 people not in my guild at the time that walked in. You walked in out of no where, Fishingtrip(Mailman) stood there like a moron >.> DERP...

I can prove that your lying also. If you join my guild look at my charter you'll See, (Left to right) 1st person, Not in my guild. 2nd Twizzy, 3rd Garth, 4th Koko, 5th Neoandarat(Now Samtingwong), 6th You >.> Not in my guild, 7th Ironic, 8th Me(Trew), 9th Another person not in my guild, 10th Swazyfan, 11th Junashammy, 12th Random person not in my guild. That makes... 8 people that were in my guild at that time. Again, Thanks for the Guild picture. Also, Lie less bro...Lie less...

Trololololololololol yourself bro.

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