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So hot.. oh my god, i would marry her.


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Not my type I like girls that are brunnets have short hair, skinny, shy, and sexy!!! I have a girlfriend glad I do not have image of her cause you gyes would try to still her from me

10 Year Olds have girlfriends? What has this world turned in to....

(Btw, No one wants to steal you're girlfriend if shes 10 xD)

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My girlfriend is almost 11 man im like couple months apart lol but my gf is hot:)

Yours truly,


Your 10 and your a girlfriend.....what do you guys do sit beside each other and talk to eat other? And What you said to Protrage we are all gonna think your girl friend isnt hot because most of use are 15 and up if we thought a 11 year old is hot that is kind of creepy....And Era i approve of the picture but, please dont post this in forms keep the pictures you fap to, to yourself ;)

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