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My launcher isn't working!!!


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Well i was on my sis computer to play icecoldwow it worked fine and i got my windows 98 working and even tho its old it still worked on retail but i downloaded icecold wow and when i started launcher it gave me and error it said this "The application is failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on ok to terminate the appliacation." Please help!!! it only had the button ok so i only could press that button!!! please help give advice this is my new (0ld but works smoothely) computer and everything is working smoothely please help!!!

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I got it fixed i had to do some windows updates but anyway on my windows 98 it seems alot faster then my sister's laptop and my sister only has wow downloaded to her laptop she also has a better laptop then my computer she has i2 system i guess my computer rocks the hole lol

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