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Best Guide for beginners


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Ok when you first start out you need some gear right well go over to the starting gear vendor at north leftish and you will find him you click on him and get all the gear you need!!!! You pick caster meele or ranged which ever you are!!! and you get your weapon and trinkets rings and Necklace lol necklace haha!!!

After that you wanna train well go look for your trainer in deepholm you will find the trainer section just circle around after that train from your trainer and even though it takes a while to train it all you have it done then you want to get fly training well you go around iintill you find sorta elemental zombie ghosts when you find him you train all you need after that go to your mount vendor its in the same section its one of those elemental ghosts and when you find them mounts cost like 5000 GOLD!!!! well skip to the third page on the mount vendor and find a drake its completely free you get it and learn it.

Enchancements are awesome and on this private server they are free well most of them you are at the same section the elemental ghost enchancement vendor and bye the enchancements you need!!! after that you equip all then enchancements to gear and your settled for enchancements and also after you get a new piece of gear you might wanna come back after each new set of gear you get and put a enchancement!!!

Optional to listen to: Tabards and shirts well Tabards can be found at at the elemental ghost vendor one of those vendors have tabards you pick one you like and you got that shirts can be found at RP vendors they look like bags that have RP gear and the shirts cost some money and some dont i think lol!!! Now beyond this you got a tabard and shirt over at stranglethorn arena they are hard to get but you can get them!!! After that you got Voter shirt and tabard which each one costs 100 vote points it will take several days probally 16 days or 20 to get one!!! and they have vip tabard look down for more information!!!

Gold: Money is important in this game well not to important but its like you want it at beginning in the game cause you start with 0 money well there are two places i know that has gold well you can go to Icecold_teleporter in your bags and go to icecold zones and dungeons and then go to gold place called death forest 20-28 gold per mob but then my favorite place where you get like 5,000k-50,000k is stone core its at deepholm but out side if you type wow stonecore on your internet you can find it over there its all farming you wanna farm for embersilk cloth and awesome thing is 1-6 embersilk per drop 90% it will drop from mob awesome right!!! there you go for money!!!

Demonic Gear: after that you think you rock well wrong your a fail!!!! but thats not itill you get demonic gear once you get demonic your like on your 3rd step on being the best there are like 7 steps of being the best k get demonic by going to your Icecold-teleporter in your bags and clicking icecold zones and dungeons you wanna go to Ramparts after that you enter the instance and you suddenly get attacked well never the fear wait intill it loads and kick those cats buts plus im a puppy so i hate cats dont loot yet go to interface and make sure you are not on auto loot for this loot after that you loot him and pick the one that is your class!!! if you want to make money use auto loot and get all you need and you can put them in auction for 1-200 gold there you get all your gear and your done with demonic!!!

Update with bags well sadly i heard that now icecold wow does not assign bags for us so sadly no more bags for new players but after the embersilk hunting you sell it and somewhere in deephoml mall there is a case you lose something women and she has the bags for 3k a piece so you bye from her and there you got your 24 bags!!!

new weapons, Trinkets, and rings for you: next you realized you only completed 3rd step out of 7th step of being the best so then you say what now well nothing to fear the best puppy is here me!!! call me puppyobex well there you were wondering what those farming quests were in deepholm mall well simply go to them and accept 3 quests accept (Optional The destroyer) Defintley The meele quest or caster quest and then starter quest Starter quest can be found by going to your ice cold teleporter and the Ice cold zones and dungeons and Deadmines you might have to run through this instance 2 times to get 100 Apexis crystals or shards!!! Starter Quest is all in deamines you farm the requirements it will take a while this also requires atleast 3 24 bags!!! If you picked Destroyer you will need to team up with a healer and a pally defintley a pally!!! there you got completed 4th step of being the best!!!

New gear upgrading from demonic to Blessed: So now you think wow i don't think there is any 5th step well i think im the best anyone can be on this private server!!! Now listen what are you a fail well not intill you realize people kill you so fast at arena that will knock some sense into you fail puppy!!! k so you realized how best you were and you realized you had to come back to my guide to see this step well now listen i only made this guide so other people could become stronger so i will have a challenge k anyway you see your gear and say i need better gear i need upgrades so there you go upgrade translation in your backpack will help you all you have to do is take a piece of demonic out and click on Upgrade translation and click on your demonic piece and boom you have realized that it didnt work well thats because you dont have requirements you need 4 apexis shards and 100 apexis crystals well i will help you find that starting with apexis shards well see you go to icecold teleporter and then ice cold zones and dungeons volcanoth's lair well you get pissed off cause you think they dont drop wrong did i teach you nothing first you must learn that everything i tell you is correct!!! K see they arent dropping cause there is like 40% chance they will drop!!! and plus me cute little puppy has 16 shards lol nope really like 20 i only need 16 for all my upgrades right now to blessed!!! k after that you want to get the apexis crystals well they are easy to get and you can find them at icecold teleporter ice cold zones and dungeons deadmines and when you get to deamines enter instance and slay and get those cracked vip items 100 of them and then upgrade translation on your demonic piece there you upgraded to blessed now you became super awesome and completed 5th step!!! now plus you still cant defeat me i have 4123k so no way you can defeat me haha!!!

6th step know you want to get to ravaged simple just you need to get ravaged diacraps well you go to your old and everyday teleporter and the old and simple zones and dungeons and lightning halls!!! know listen im right and again everything i say is correct there is 50% chance per mob you will get a diacrap or maybe 60 or 70% you will get it i dont know its 50 to 70%chance and there get the whole set and you upgrade doing the samething you did with demonic you take your blessed piece out and upgrade translation and there boom you got it!!! You upgrade all blessed to ravage and there you are your better then my character and puppyobex!!! well probally if this guide is a year old then actually i would be better then you!!! lol P.S Puppies are way better then cats and also meet my profile pagey called Puppy pagey!!!!!

7th and wow 8th step!!!! So i was wrong there are 8 steps of being awesome and well these two steps i have never went to so now i will say everything i know about these steps well they are hard to do and its a waste of your time so how about a easier step the 9th step well this takes several days but all you have to do i get you other characters up to 6th step okay good luck!!! Now 9th step!!!

The final step 9th step of being the best!!! K so now i tell you the final step the step you have been waiting for and all you have to do is vote icecold wow so type this www.icecold-wow.com and then you click vote and there you vote like for 20 days later you go on wow you go on icecold wow and go to teleporter and then vote shop and bye the gear this is truly easy lol!!!

The creater of Big guide i hope you love it!!!

and awesomest warrior on icecold wow and also adorable puppy on icecold wow presents


My idenity is Ryan Blake Copenhaver!!!!

Whats your game!!!! Meet me online i would either be called

Rokufireball or Puppyobex so need help whisp me need a challenge whisp me!!!!

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Also this guide is updated so you can check big guide hope you love it!!! it may be better but not longer and sorry about the vip i will make that guide later but in the mean time im working on a guide video!!! so it will be easy to follow!!!

P.S My guide called Big guide i hope you love it!!! has a video so you can watch it for like 1hour lol


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