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IceCold-WoW poem


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This is a poem I made about this server, out of boredem. Hope you like it! :)


I woke up in the depth of azeroth so early, A glimmering world, As a map appeared.

It was like a taxi taking me everywhere from the mall to the snow onto of the mountains so tall.

I had so much fun with the bunnys and animals exept from there dung.

It was a while later that I saw a aligator, ran back through the map into the mall staring glimmerly like a chrismas snow ball.

I was staring at the goods all to see. In my rags and cloth I needed to pee.

As I came back from the loo a zombie came to me, smelt look poo and armoured like a Tank with some glowing pads reading "No-mad".

He asked me if I wanted to raid, but I didn't know how.

As he gave me a bow, and showed me how. A few minutes later we were off in a secound!

I was now a blood elf, as he proclaimed with some spells and some magic but I had no name.

I knew that I was a warlock but what shall I say, while he was off serching for the train.

I saw sime fire out of my hands. I said "Ooh Phenoix is my name".

It was a calling from within as I went to raid.

As I came back from raiding away, I had some loot and I asked the strange zombie now an "Undead".

What is this place it seems so glee, magical and smells like sunny tree's!

He said with a smile, a laugh and a tear. "Well This is IceCold-WoW the wounderful place full of magic and fantasy, From inside you're heart you know It's there a wamth place where you can cuddle up and play! Or even frollock through the flowers and raid abit and shout "Hey!" ".

I smiled and said.

"Wow, This is true just like the see is blue, It's stuck to me like some sticky glue."

I knew this was my home then I whisped "IceCold..."

I felt a feeling from inside as I walked off and journyed aside.


It wasn't much but I was bored. :D

Open to critism. :)


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