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Azchara Crater Loot Tables?? Maybe?

Guest darrylmartin

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Guest darrylmartin

If you know what boss drops what Item exactly PM player Trew in-game.

-The format will look a little like this....

--(Item Name(s)) - Wowhead/wowwiki Link

Also, if someone could help out by posting a Map of Azshara Crater and Where each is.

Please do not post a reply to this topic, please either send "Mail" to Trew in-game

with what boss drops what item and I will gladly update this list daily.

If anyone doubts an item on the loot-table here, I can find out if it drops over-time of constant raiding.

Again List starts Here Alliance to Horde.


Alliance Side







Experiment 72

Horde Side

The Dark Knight

Raleyna Folyn(Unsure on Name)

Nature Whisperer


-P.S. this project may fail Terribly if no one participates-

--Arms Warrior Trew

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