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add a instance to get weapons.

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What they should do is just implementing ramparts with starter weapon drops as well. Then go back and change the 1000 kill weapon quest to a different instance since the problem with Halls of Lightning when after the first boss, the mobs will push you to the floor of the dungeon and sometimes off the world. Should implement it into an easier instance like Violet Hold, erase all scripting add respawnable monsters similar to desert monsters but could be creative about it and then we actually can complete the darn quest. Of course that would be great to complete if it was actually for a decent weapon and nothing worse than the Deathwing starter quest which actually makes the 1000 monster kill weapon quest look like its not even remotely worth it. If anything the weapon quest should be for something better than Deathwing kill in my opinion because you're actually giving effort rather than spamming /o chat for a group to take 15 minutes out of their time to kill him, complete the quest and have a REALLY good starter weapon compare to the 1000 kill weapon quest itself.... This is all ideas mind you, so take it how you will. I don't actually expect something like this to become a reality.

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What they should do is make an instance (I vote Tempest keep) and just wipe out all scripted mobs and add custom mobs. Make them hard to kill (harder than deathwing coz I am not VIP and I can solo him) and give them high drop rates like 70-90%. Then add a major boss that would be hardest to kill (even VIP's can't solo) give him a 90-100% drop chance and let him drop custom weapons that are better than VIP's. Or just make a Non-VIP and a VIP instnce with the the non vip having easier to kill bosses than the VIP instance. Non-VIP instance should have the best non-VIP weapons and the VIP instance should drop the best VIP weapons

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