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Blackrock Slicer dps vs 2h Vote Weapon


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A lot of debating goes on between the two weapons as to which one does more DPS. So I did a little comparison on a test dummy.

The 2H Vote Weapon after 30 seconds of pure basic attacks came out to 5,237,049.1 DPS.

Where as the Blackrock Slicer after 30 seconds of basic attacks, came out to be 6,175,719.7 DPS.

My character's specs are:

Both Weapons enchanted w/ Fiery Enchant.

Full forest, w/ Chromatic Shoulders and Bracers.

Full IceGold offset.

Voter bow.

Melee Tabard and Shirt of spirits

Frost/Blood Death Knight.

(My frost build: http://www.wowhead.c...uRzbuc:RzZ0MVcM )

My final conclusion, the Blackrock Slicer provides more damage per second by roughly ~One-Million damage per second. Where as the Two-Handed Vote Weapon gives about Two-Hundred-Thousand more Health Points. In my opinion, Blackrock Slicer is better than the Two-Handed Vote Weapon.

In my opinion, the Two-Handed Vote Weapon should be buffed, to either,

A. Produce more damage per second, or -

B. Grant more stat bonuses.

Pictures below are visual representation of the damage per second of each weapon. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

2H Vote Weapon DPS Image:


Blackrock Slicer Weapon DPS Image:


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I've tested for paladin. When I get full Impecc I'll do another test, so expect an edit tonight. But when I tested, my 2h Vote Sword was doing roughly 600k more dps. So it's probably different for each class/spec. I'll do an "official" report when I finish the gear. Cause I'm in the farming mood and once I start I don't stop.

/e: Not sure what I was smoking when I did my last DPS test, but I did a new one.


2/8 Impecc

6/8 Norg

Nexus Bow

Cloak, neck, 1 ring, 1 trinket IceGold

Chromatic Ring, Trinket

Spec: Ret/Prot (Ret spec: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#sZGMMZcrRsdkszfd:Mc0qmz0zM)

Same deal as Death did, 30 seconds of just auto attacks, no seals.

With the 2h Vote sword, I did 12.1mil dps.

With the Blackrock Slicer, I did 13.8mil dps.

In conclusion, BRS is doing more dps than the 2h vote sword, at least for paladins.

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