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Increase mobs in DM

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Hello, I was running through DM on one of my alts farming gear and thought it would be a lot more convenient and better if there were more mobs in DM.

It's a long instance with a total of 48 mobs already. This means it takes ~2 runs to get 1 piece of Oblivion, and you need a total of 8 items for a

full set. Which adds up to !17-18 runs.

A run in vampire gear takes about 10-15 minutes to complete if moving fast, with more mobs it would increase the time spent in the dungeon,

rather than the amount of times going back through.

I'm not saying adding a ton of mobs, just a few more so it's maybe over half of what's required. Even adding up to 60 mobs would make it feel better.

DM is a very large instance and would benefit from more mobs to defeat.

Thanks for taking the time to read this


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I agree to this but then again don't you want to stay busy longer =p

I guess, but this will also increase the time in individual dungeons instead of multiple. This reduces the chance of getting the "Too many instances" faster. Plus, either way you're still farming 800 Cracked VIP Gems, then 400 Forest Gems, etc etc.

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I think that the staff should increase the forest gem's rate by 1% atleast

Well, I find forest easy. If you just go to where the molten slags are (at least that's what I think they're called) you can sit there and farm your diacraps in only one

run instead of having to go back 16 times for just oblivion.

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