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Half of my characters are gone!



Hello, I use to play Icecold a lot, but just as my Exam's where coming up I quit for a while think it was about 3-4 months ago came back because I wanted a good private server to play. So I come back and do all the installation correctly; I also double checked I did it correctly but every time I log on I have missing characters. I am missing a Druid and a Shaman. Both have good gear and fairly high play time. But no matter what I do to try and recover these they aren't there I've deleted cache, reinstalled, de-patched, everything I can think still they are gone. Yet the first four characters I made are still there. It's just my Druid and Shaman that are gone, I opened an in-game ticket but it got deleted? Please can someone help this is really really bugging me, some people may have heard me talk about it before but I still cannot fix it. Please help me.


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