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Bonjour à tous, my names Jamie St. Palafox. I am born and raised in Paris France, My Anglias not the best. désolé :S.. Iam the only girl of a family of 6, Im 14 years old, 15 on July 1st , I love making new friends, I'm I have 4 years training in arts martiaux mixtes, or mixed martial arts.. i think that is how américain say it x3. Everyonce in while i will play WoW, Only reason i do is cause papa et maman got me into it at time i was 6 x3. i hope i get to meet all of you soon! smile.gif

I just join the dreamer server with the name 'Jamie' if anyone has time to talk whichever is 4.3.4

If anyone wants chat message ma MSN!

[email protected]

Adieu, je vais vous voir tous dans le serveur Dreamer!

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