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Just a few Q's


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Ok so I'm pretty new I keep wondering about icegold... WhT does it do besides upgrade thunderfury? Is Kellian ok? Is VIP 1 worth it because my Forest gear is almost just as good. Last but not least is there an estimate when the other server will be released? If you can answer any of these please do. :)

-Furyz the Tauren Padalin

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Hello ertert158.

1. IceGold is only used for upgrading Thunderfury (for now :P)

2. Kellian is fine at the moment.

3. VIP 1 is good if you want the perks that come with it :3

4. I can't give a release date on Dreamer just because I don't know much about it D: True or Echoes may know the answer.

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You can upgrade by going to your purchases tab at the top. (The little dropdown menu at the top of the page)

Then click on the purchase you want upgraded.

Once you've clicked that, then click upgrade package to the left.

And yes, I'm Tirionl.

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