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Voting problems? Read!


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Having issues voting?

First, as always, make sure you're actually doing it right. You click the vote button on the vote page (You CANNOT go to the vote site directly from a bookmark or something!).

Then type the code and click Vote. It brings you to the ranking page. Scroll straight down to the IceCold entry and click the banner or link to be directed to the IceCold site. DON'T just view the details page on the rank site.

Ok, so you've done that and it still gives no points? Then it might actually be the fault of your PC or browser. The vote system relies on browser referrals. Your browser, firewall or anti-virus may have it disabled for some reason. If that's the case it's all up to you to fix, not us.

To test your browser referral, click on this link: http://www.icecold-wow.com/reftest.php

It will let you know if it works. NOTE that you can ONLY test properly by clicking it as a link on this page. If you bookmark it or type it directly, it will always fail.

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