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GM puppy abusing his Gm powers


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bring up a gm thats abusing his gm powers puppy was doing nothing yesterday when i got killed 5 times i have screen shots and other players that saw that i sayed watch if i say the gm is not doing his job cause he is playing the game not doing his job he will find a reason to kick me sure enughf i go feed up with geting killed so i killed some one out side the pvp zone he ran off and told his buddy puppy that i killed him even though he killed me 5 times i kill him 2 times and get froze in place and talk to like i am a kid i pay for this stuff i think their sould be not be kids put in charge of enfourcing the rules and i have put 2 tickets in game about me geting killed no answer just the ticket deleted by the gms .ill probley get kicked off this server righting this but i fear no one in game or out of game thanks for your time please think about taking action .. i have screen shots of all things that happend the gm and the people killing out side the pvp zone. i have wayt more screen shots just ask me ill give them to you.

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1. That was kind of hard to understand haha.

2. If you wern't camped he has no right to ban them.

3. Even if you were camped screenshots are not proof of camping.

4. Maybe he was afk.

5. You could have been killing from outside arena and that's why you were killed, we can't tell if you were or wern't because they are only screenshots.

6. He could have froze you for spamming cyclone or some annoying spell on everyone. Again, we can't tell, might have helped if you told us exactly what he said to you.

7. He also could have frozen you for sniping (like i said before) and again, can't prove if you were or wern't breaking any rules.

8. I don't like typing this much.

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