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Chriss and Cecili spwners vips 6,7 killing only nonvips


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Hello everyone i hope this topic get some attention because in last 5 days all my chars nonvip got viped by Chriis and Cecili vip6 rogue and vip7 pala and they are spawnkilling all nonvips in arena abusing hard theyr gear vip powers killing severely loot of players.I saw too a warn by GM Puppy to Chriis for spawnkills and he is still doing it just saying he got rights to kill all in arena because they payed for theyr gears to spawnkill.They are break all the rules server thinking only they ahve rights on server.I really hope a admin or GM see them how they are break the rules hard.Loot of ppl is complaining in chat o of them kills.

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