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Hello players of IceCold-WoW.

Lately, we've had a lot of players hacked. One of the players told me he shared his account with another player.

Ways to get your account hacked:

-Sharing Accounts

-Logging into Public Computers

-Short passwords

-Setting password back to old passwords

The only way YOU can be hacked is if YOU give out your password.

People in the past have offered VIP and they'd need your password to purchase it. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. They only want your account.

Game Masters will never ask for your password.

Do not give your password out to ANYONE.


Do not share your account with anyone! Always keep your password a secret!

I believe all of these recent hackings are due to players sharing account information with one another.

Posted in the Announcements and General Chat so people will read this.

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