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Tell us about your ;).


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Okay guys tell something about yourself. how are u as person? How did u came here? and what maked u stay on this server?

I'll start

Okay my ingame is Hotwheels, I live in denmark, I am male and a friendly person but sometimes can feel different. I came here because of a video there was made on youtube and i felt that i wanted to do same same. I felt in love with this server already in the starting hours, The gms and the friendly players, helped through my questions and it was just like i was already a part of the server.

// hotwheels

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Guest RetroHealz

Ok, ill go next. My real name is levi, and my in-game name is "Horde" yes i no its epic. I heard about this server from my friend on ventrilo, so I came and checked it out. I love this server now :). I applied for developer to try and fix the random bugs though, So yea whos next?

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Guest rob112

Guess im next then? ;) Well my name is Worst my real name is Robbert ... i found out about this server thanks to Hotwheels and ye now i love this server too thats the reason why i donate for it :)


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