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Hello to all Ice-Cold player's and Staff.

I am Vaereir, many know me by Wriiathguard. I used to be a Senior Game Master here. But i soon left due to personal issue's withinthe Staff team. But before i left i did some very terrible things to the server. I wanted to come back and apologize to all the current player's and Staff member's for the trouble,destruction,and irritation i have caused. But i would like to come back and join the IceCold-WoW Experience, for i miss it very dearly. I would like to say sorry mostly to the Owner's and Administrator's of the Server Ryan and Jordan. They treated me like gold when i was here and all i did was ruin it. If i ever do come back, my number one goal would to rebuild my relationship with the entire server. If i am not allowed to come back i fully understand that. Thank you for reading this Player's and Staff Member's. I Hope and Wishto so you in-game.

Dylan Smith

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You were never mean to me i thought you were Pretty cool and if you were ever mean to me i Accept the appolagy even tho i dont remember it :) Your a Good man Dhumm (Thats the name i know you by) O.o :)

Thank you, i appreciate the way you feel about me.
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