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Another problem with voting



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Something funky has been going on with the vote system with me for the last couple of days, and yes I am voting correctly. On my main computer I was only able to get the first vote site to work (wowstatus.net). I have tried everything on my computer from deleting cookies and history, computer restart, and three different web browsers. Also piror to the problems I would click the banner on each site it would bring me back to the vote page here and now it brings me to the home(index) page. I tried a different computer today and got 4/5 sites to register the vote but MMORPG site does not register. Howerver, it does appear to be coming through to Icecold.


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Hmm, if clicking that link directly shows a blank output, your browser/PC is not sending referrer data. You might need to look into enabling referring in your browser settings or try different browsers.

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