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Message to Peoplez Of Ice-Cold


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Hey for everyone that knows me i am going to possibly quit. I have have nothing to do because im a VIP and very Under Powered. There isn't much to do for my alts since they are all geared.

So i will be possibly quitting. I know the admins are fixing all the bugs and working as hard as they can but i feel there is just nothing to do.

Thank you everyone-I will check the site every other days for a month and if i see anything new i will come back and stay for a long time if i do not see anything new i will be Leaving for at least a year-forever

BEST WISHES-Derrick The Beast =)

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Sorry to hear about that :( I will add a couple of notes:

We're going to take another look at VIPs and see what still needs buffing to prevent under powering for the worse classes. What class is your under powered VIP?

The new core has given us a massive potential for new content. We're still figuring out the last of the technical bits, but it's one of the top plans now. So do check back all the time to see what's in store :D

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