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Upgradable Weaopn Guide


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1) to obtian the Ungradeable weapon you must have 4 or 6 vote points

2) Then you go to the vote shop (you can find the vote shop near the bottom of your teleporter)

3) The upgradeable weapon is called "Thunderfury, Moaning Blade of the Windseeker"

4) Now that you have the Thunderfury, Moaning Blade of the Windseeker go to your teleporter

5)Go to the Valkyrie vendor located besidee the Lich king and obtain Upgrade Tanslustion (i belive last time i check it cost 1000 gold)

6) Now go to Icecold Zones and Duengons in there you will find it says (upgrade) Utgrade Pinnicle this is were you NEED to go

7)Now you are farming for Animal Bloods and Fire Elements,these are the key essentails to upgrading your weapon

8) Warning once you get far enough into the upgrading process you will start to need Icegold and Vote points

9) The maximum upgrade you can get its 15@ once there you can upgrade no more

Hope you like my guide for the Upgrade weapon if you are unsure still about how to upgrade the Thunderfury, Moaning Blade of the Windseeker /w Wranorac in game for any quesitons

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