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The Best Rogue Setup! (Guide)


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Welcome to my Rogue guide!

1.When you make your Rogue first you need to train. Go to your Class Trainer in the mall you are and train all!

2.Now you will need a tallent build:

2.1For PvP Choose This Build

<Sub/Combat PvP Max DPS Build>


2.2For PvE Use The Folowing Build

<Combat PvE Build Max DPS>


3.Obtaining The Correct Gear:

3.1The Correct Needs Farming:

3.1.1For The Beggining You Can Start Whit The Vampire Gear-It Can Be Farmed In The Ramparts Dungeon

3.1.2After You Get Your Full Set Of Vampire, You Can Ask Someone To Help You Get Forest Gear-It Can Be Farmed In The Halls Of Lightning Dungeon

3.1.3When You Get Full Forest Set Its Time For Some Hard Farming - That Means Its Time To Farm For @@Gold Set or @@@@@Norgannon-For The Gold Set You Need To Go Into The Tannaris Raid And Farm x40 Magic Tokens For Each Part Of The Set, For The Norgannon Set You Need To Go Into The Throne Of The Tides Raid And Farm x45 Glowcaps For Each Part OF The Set.

4.Choosing The Correct Necklace, Rings, Back And Trinkets-

You Will Need A Raid Group Of 4-5 Players(Depends On Their Skill)

You Go Into The Baradin Hold And Kill DeathWing! You Need To Get The Stuff That Gives You Attack Power, The Other Ones Are For The Caster Classes.

5.You Feel Busy? Dont Wanna Farm? Then buy a VIP Package!:

VIP1 = $10 (28K Stats)

VIP2 = $30 (42K Stats)

VIP3 = $55 (57K Stats)

VIP4 = $90 (76K Stats)

VIP5 = $155 (100K Stats)

LOL Sword = $325 (1,550,000 Strenght, 105k Agility, 1,110,000 Stamina and 50k Intelect and Spirit)

And Thats It Now You Got A Good Rogue For PwNing!

Best Regards: Char

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Iam banned from the server because the admins are just stupid or something. But i will say this on every single post i found to spread this as large as i can.

This information i got here is told from a close person, i don't wanna say his name because i don't wanna risk him a bann because i spread information.

So the information goes like this, a VIP 7 is coming, Tirionl is working on it. New dungeon is arriving soon to and the admins are interviewing Wranorac and Bladeroth to be new Gms. This was highly stricted information that iam now spreading here, as the best revenge i can do. Can't do much else, if i was a hacker id hack the websiet but im not =(. To bad. Well guys here you got the information the admins are hiding from ya.

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