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Some New Suggestion's


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1) Create a Instance that drops Necklace's,Trinkets then Another with Rings and Capes would give more variety with mobs and also less drops so harder chances to get the one you need!

2) Create a world boss that has a ton of HP not able to SOLO by a VIP 6 with BOE weps/Ranged weps

3) Make a VIP set upgradable so VIP's have more things to do.

4) Create a server currency like Frosty Keys or Ice Gold (Used for upgrades and BOE ofc.)

5) Have a GM instance for VIPS like have all the GM's pick a boss and have them find a instance and decorate it and then make the bosses hard enough you need a few vips and have BOE vip gear so VIPS can get some new ALT gear.

6) Create a stair event with a custom quest at the beginning and the end(Give something valuable like a custom bag with 5k stats or a ring with 25k w\e you like.) (Also make it in a no flying mount zone or else people will cheat like no tomorrow)

7) Frostmourne/Warglaives are the most overused customs try and get away from that and use more unique weapons like --->> http://www.ac-web.org/forums/showthread.php?t=82323 (has custom IDs you will not find on many server's.

Thats about all my idea's for the day=) Hope you like them!

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