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Death Forest




I am a newbie and have a question.

I read the server info step by step and it means the easiest way to collect gold is killing death crowlers.

And my problem is i started with the newbie gear and the npc's are skulls with 500k hp and i try to kill them unsuccesful i surival 1sec and become a one hit by them.

And now, how can i kill them?

With best regards


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Well, to start with, find a friend, or guild! Guildies/Friends can be a huge help for new players, as they can HELP! :D

Firstly, find a friend to run you through the dungeons that drop Vamp/Forest gear. After you get some of that good stuff, try going back in seeing if you can fight them this time! If not, just ask a friend to invite you to a group so they can help you run through it!

Hope this helped! :D


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