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Im sorry


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We're currently working on making this new core more enjoyable for the players. We're eventually gonna be adding new items for the players.

But that has to wait until we're done fixing the bugs. You must be patient :). By the way, you seem familiar :P.

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No, he said "i remember your picture."

The forum title i got, that they chosed to put on new players is "newbie" but that doesn't make me one.

You never said you didn't want my oppinion either. And this is a open forum, i get involved with whatever i want really, just as much as anyone else can or want.

And if u didn't understand my comment il explain it, ruins the fun but... a man gotta do what a man gotta do. So.. you have a picture of a woman, probably an attentionwho re or a "bitc h" showing her cleavage to see boobs. And he said "your picture is familiar" and it is a a picture on a girls breasts. So my point was, ye i think you have seen a girls breasts before, and this comment was pointed at the GM, not you. It was just a funny thing. And it is funny that your intellect is not bigger, as you jump on my title and you declare me as a newbie out off a title the admins choosed to give new players, i might be new to this specific forum, but not newbie to forums overall.

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Oh so, you say, commenting on ur photo is off topic, but greeting eachother offtopicly is all okey. Gm iam taking it easy, id like to see how you see expression or how iam "not" takign it easy. Atm it's shuffle being upset not me.

@shufflegirl i never said you werent a girl, i just said that the picture ur using, which is obviously fake as other peoples have the same picture, i doubt they went here and oh i want that picture tooooo, i think it is a common picture if you search "big cleavage" or whatever. But what i hate, is peoples claiming they are the person on the picture, when they clearly aint.

And if it not would ACTUALLY be you, (which would surprise me) you'd make my day and make me laugh for hours, as u say "i do not wanna be remembered as a bit** (censoring) but yet u take a picture of urself which clearly points to what kind of person you are.

Thats like i would say "I do not wanna be remembered as a gun happy man" and then have a picture of me shooting with a gun. That is what is so funny with this whole thing.

Also, it is funny that u twice say "iam girl" like ive said "haha u are no girl" so i wonder, why do u so much wanna convince me that ur a girl, is it a pride or a honorable thing to be a girl on a forum or something?

Aaanyway it was nice to meet ur boo.. ahum i mean it was nice to meet you shuffle. But next time, dont do double standard and do not try to convince peoples to much about things, it will make them doubt u more than trust you.

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