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Echoes (Mythicos) is opening up to the 360 public


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As I'm sure you've read in the title, I am opening up to allow IceCold- WoW players to add and play games with me on Xbox 360, I do have a PS3 for all you Playstation players but it is out of commission at the moment. I am on both platforms listed as Nhazul2 so if you want to play with me, add me and let's play. at the moment I currently have CoD 4, Fable 2, CoD Black Ops, Bulletstorm, and Marvel vs Capcom 3. I had Modern Warfare 2 but it was a digital copy and was removed for space. I borrow MW3 from my roommate sometimes so I will be on that from time to time. So that's all I have, if you add me, be sure you send me a message telling me you're from IceCold or i will decline your request. Well happy gaming and enjoy your stay on IceCold.

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I just got a new hard drive with more space so I can add more games to play with the public, give me a suggestion and I'll see if it can be bought. I have 60 gigs to spare minus a few game updates and such so about 50 to 45 gigs to spare for games to play with you guys. So hit me up and let me know.

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