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QuickGuide to play IceCold-WoW [4.3.3]


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Hi everyone, for people who dont know how to play IceWoW in patch 4.3.3, here is a quick and simple guide with the basic u need to play.

1.- WoW Cataclysm: http://eu.media.battle.net.edgesuite.net/downloads/wow-installers/WoW-4.0.0-WOW-enGB-Installer.exe WoW Client 4.0.0 enGB

Download the client, run it,click install and wait to be installed WoW Cataclysm n updated automatically.

For step 2 you have to have the game 100% donwloaded in 4.3.3:


2.- Once installed WoW 4.3.3 donwload 3 Files:

* IceCold-WoW Launcher:

-1> http://www.icecold-wow.com/downloads

* UPDATE 29/02/2012 (:

-2> http://www.icecold-w...ds/432/WoW.mfil

-3> http://www.icecold-w...0C7C086FDF.mfil

Put then in your WoW 4.3.3 game folder and run the IceColdLauncher.exe

Click Play IceCold-WoW :)


PD: ACCOUNT CREATION-> http://www.icecold-w...ection=register

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