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Vote System Updated


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The vote system has been updated due to high amounts of cheating among the system, where users would click the vote button and then simply not vote on the site, and still get their point.

The new process is almost like the old one, with one extra step.

1) Click the vote button for any of the available vote sites.

2) Type in the Captcha code and click Vote.

3) After confirming your vote, you will be taken to the main listing of the ranking site. To be on the safe side, let the page load completely, then locate the IceCold banner and click on it.

4) You will be taken back to the IceCold site and your Vote Point added.

Failing to follow any steps will result in no point for the vote. If you voted and got no point, then you did something wrong. Always make sure you're logged in before voting, that you have cookies enabled on your browser, and that you follow the steps carefully.

No official support is provided for the vote system. We have tested the system and it works. Please do not make admin tickets about not getting points. They will be closed.

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