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gm or any other ranks app when you need one


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hi my name is marcus and ive been playing on this server for about 1-2 weeks and i really enjoin this server i would really be an dev gm or an other ranks if you need anything its your decides to make gms i know but if you need something you could just ask me and ill do it if i can :).

ingame name:trium

old? 14 years old born 1997 17 Nov.

and i wana be an computer technial guy or anything that is inc in computer .

abot me im nice ingame im helping players if they want emm i love the owners becuse they dont ban you if they cant resolve a problem and etc and the most thing i love with this is the gms and the owner jordan.

and im not curently asking for gm ill just make one and see if you want me when you need an gm and i can resolve mny problems i got some experiance as a game master.

i hope you will answer and say no or yes i dont care if you wont accept me but i dontl ike to make an app eather becuse i dont know its like not for my age to ask for it .

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However, there have been some edits to our standards for becoming GM:

1. Be mature! (If by 16 you are a mature enough player they will consider you)

2. Not have a bad history. (if you've been banned before, be worried, although if nothing really bad was done it will be considered)

3. Good grammar.

4. Be helpful to the players. (Admins love people who help out our newer players with dungeons and raids, so take that into consideration)

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well im some off the kinds thing i havent ben banned before but it wasent becuse off me my brother did use emu hack and then did an admin ip ban him so i got banned to and the admin that ip banned my brother got banned too becuse its nto allowed for a such thing on that server and im really nice i can help players and more but im nt making an gm for ow im just creating it to later when you need one.

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Sorry but you have to apply when the GM App's are open. I would also like to note some other things.

1. You must be 18+ to be able to become a GM on here

2. You must have good grammer.

no you dont need to be 18+ anymore you need to be 16+ to become a gm
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