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whens an estimate ?


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By the looks of it u joined nov 22 i joind nov 9 so i think that means i have been here longer so yes and Please Dont tell me to Shut up thats kind of rude im Clearly stateing that you have to be patient and with u complaining every single day its hard to work on it cuz every day the gms have to come on a tell you to stop complaining about somthing

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I myself know C++ core editing like this. and building a brand new 4.x.x core is not a 1day deal or a 1 week. For the fact this is going live and they would like players to see that everything is looking good. instead of you getting on there. and not being able to cast a spell and nothing is working at all. They have a server up thats great and barely any bugs on it. so you really cant complain ( :

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