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Cataclysm upgrade problem



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Hello all, I need some help from the game savy folks here. When I found Icecold and started playing I only had WoTLK expansion to start. This weekend I borrowed the cataclysm game DVD and downloaded it so I can play with all of the game content. After I downloaded the DVD I started the blizzard downloader and upgraded it all the way to 4.3.3. After all that I logged back in and I still have the same problem as before. I don't have access to cataclysm content like flightpaths in the old kingdom, the malstrom, or quest. But I can play everything else just fine.

Can someone please help me on what I need to do to get the cataclysm content? I have already gone into the WTF folder and changed the account from "LK" to "CT". This does nothing even after redoing the blizzard updater. Thanks for the help in advance.

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