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Lack of people


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when i join there was 50 ppl then i had problem with error was off 3 days to dl new wow when i loged was 20-25 after 1 week max per day 5 ppl this server dying,soon there will be no1 online.... and i think they do nothing(admins) this error fix announcement is just copy past from other private server..i hope not but it seems to me that is...

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For your information, I wrote out those announcements myself. I could name some servers that copied OUR announcements, but I won't point fingers..

Last night we released a Launcher Update to try and fix 4.3.2 properly and it's going well so far.

So yes, we are here and we are doing something about 4.3.2 killing the population

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It's nice to hear...but now when problem with 4.3.2 is fixed can you add something to game upgrade to norg and @@gold set.....fix dodge/miss bug that every1 abusing and removing from game [Talisman of Flame Ascendancy] that ppl abuse in pvp and farming DW...with that item you can kill dw in few seconds...or adding set bonus on norg @@gold...you can farm norg or gold for 1 week then ppl get bored and they leave server do something about that...i like this server but you must do some changes

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