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[FIX] You can not speak that language bug



Ok I found a macro that will fix the language select bug

and you getting the error message saying

"you can not speak that language"

This is a faster way then having to select a language every


This was found at http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1620942257

Make a /macro and add this to it.

/run if( ChatFrame1.editBox.language==GetLanguageByIndex(1))then ChatFrame1.editBox.language=GetLanguageByIndex(2)else ChatFrame1.editBox.language=GetLanguageByIndex(1) end;

When you need to just hit the icon on one of your bars and it fixes it. It is still faster than having to select

a language every time. Makes life a bit easier.

Can some one please pin this post please! This is a really handy macro I have tested it and it works


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