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Daily a GM makes a event who ever wins like in some battle or Race wins 1st 2nd and 3rd prize for instance

1st prize a VIP account of GM Choice will it be 1 2 3 etc.....

2nd Deathwing Drop

3rd one of best weppons in game.

i think it woud be great for players to prepair for awsome events every month and also a chance to show them selfs.

Hope u like my idea :thumbsup:

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Yeah there is no way VIP will just be handed out to players, even if they win an event. Lol, how would this server survive if VIP was just given out?

Agreed... They aren't going to give away free VIP lol. Or else what would be point ot players to spend $10 or whatever on VIP 1 if they can just win it.
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Server life has wound down because we're working on that new core. We should be done with it and upgraded our servers with it very soon.

After this is done, we will be focusing on realm staff and content. These new cores enable us to create and push out new custom items far faster, so the results of that will be very good.

With these new items, events, etc.. will be easier to run

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When you say "we're working on that new core" do you mean that you guys are trying to update the server to 4.3.2 so that people dont have to wait for the tourrent to download?

No he does not, core and patch its diff thing. It will take a long time before private servers are 4.3.2. :)

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