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Hi there guys, I have only recently joined this private server and I am impressed with the website. However, I am having difficulty when actually playing. I have not yet entered the game yet as when I double click the launcher I get this message:

Streaming initialization error.

Followed by a bunch of blah blah that probobly inst neccessary to solve the issue.

I'm not sure why this appears. Afterwards I get the traditional BlizzardEntertainment message (critical error occured).

If anyone knows how to fix/repair the launcher I would be very grateful.

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My friend had this same problem and he had Windows xp But he wasn't The admin of the computer ? have you tryed to right click on the launcher and launch as admin ? :) Try it and Be sure its in right Folder like just World Of Worldcraft not in World of worldcraft / data / smthing smthing :)

^^ _Sunshine_ ^^

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Guest RetroHealz

I would try running as administrator, If that doesn't work I would go to you realmlist.wtf located in (C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Data\enUS) And make sure that is set to the correct realmlist for this server. Any other questions feel free to PM me or message my Email [email protected]

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