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Server Incident 17/1/2012


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As most of you probably saw or heard of, there was a severe staff incident on Reaper. Numerous staff began abusing power at once and the server descended into a short chaos.

The administration is working quickly to cleanup any lasting damage. If your account was banned do not worry, it will be resolved soon.

The reasons behind this are still unclear, but the major rumor circulating is that a Staff member was being banned because someone an Administrator is in a relationship with asked for it to happen. This sparked off accusations about that Admin being "controlled" by that staff member, etc..

While small incidents of this nature have arisen before (people make mistakes), nothing this big happened before. However, I can assure all players that this was not the full story by far. There was talks due between admins regarding the dismissal of the staff member in question, but other staff were not involved in these talks. It was between server administration only. It was not even decided if they would be dismissed.

All staff accounts have been revoked during this investigation, so support times will be severely delayed for a while. We apologize for this incident. A new staff team will be put together shortly.

Thank you

-IceCold Administration

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