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hello ppl of icecold click this to see more


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ok this person called nicki started having a go at me so i said stop then she comes back over and ask me what was dhum saying to u i did not remeber but i do remeber him saying in /g roxy asks eveyone out making me sound like a whoore then she says right and walks off next thing i know is dhum is muteingmme kicking me coz she dumped him and now i am ban and my account is going to be delete this is what it says Banned IP check

Your IP is banned until permanently for Admin Termination btw my name in game is roxyy alot of u should know me so yh remeber me well ps dhumm grow up and forgive ppl coz ur acting like a little kid kicking me and baning me for nothing i didnt know what she was going to do but ur back with her i was not wanting to mess u guys up at all so good bye server i love u all looks like i wont be playing ever again

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